Introducing the NEW JDA/Vertex Hosted Cloud Connector from Snapshot Design
Snapshot Design is proud to introduce a new, exclusive connector for JDA Direct Commerce (Ecometry®) and the Vertex Cloud solution. Our licensed connector enables you to integrate a cost-effective, end-to-end, Vertex Cloud tax solution with your JDA System. Benefits include accurate calculation and compliance data for North American indirect taxes, reduced time and effort to perform sales and use calculations, and scalability to meet businesses’ changing sales and use tax requirements.
Features of the JDA/Vertex Cloud Connector include:
  • Cloud-based, secure solution on an expandable network for extremely fast transfer of JDA/Vertex data
  • Connection with the Vertex Cloud Solution provides a fast implementation so that you quickly realize the benefits of the Vertex tax solution
  • No software modifications to your JDA Direct Commerce System outside of back-end configuration changes
  • Intercepts Direct Commerce Payment gateway’s message and inserts Trusted ID field
  • Reforms XML to match required Vertex cloud payload