Why Upgrade to Blue Yonder Direct Commerce 2014 or 2018?  

Be proactive and move to the latest version to qualify for the latest hotfixes, patches, and to stay compliant.  Blue Yonder published an alert on March 7, 2019 that support ends on December 20, 2019 for Direct Commerce version 2013.2.

Version 2014 & 2013: As of January 4, 2020, Windows Server 2008 R2 is on extended support and only making critical security fixes and aren’t adding any new enhancements. This is  NOT desirable for a secure environment.

New Enhancements and Performance Improvements
Download the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce Release Notes for a complete listing and explanation of each enhancement.
PA-DSS Standards

  • PCI Event Origin Logging (v. 2018)
    • Records the data associated with the events pertaining to logon/logoff, key management, and all functions that access credit card information
  • TLS communication (v. 2018)
    • Establish secure and encrypted communication between application servers and its client machine to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol
  • Encrypt buffers for non-console administrative access (v. 2014)
    • The messages exchanged between the front-end and the backend have been encrypted using AES256 encryption and a dynamically generated key
  • PA-DSS General Changes (v. 2014)
    • Legacy MGR password can no longer be used to log onto the application
    • User password improvements: 16 position password, match last 10 prior passwords
    • Improvements to centralized logging


  • User Password Reset Capability (v. 2018)
    • Users now have the ability to reset their logon password
  • Active Directory (v. 2018)
    • Users can now enter their Active Directory (network domain) username and password, along with the new password, which is verified before attempting a logon password reset
  • Integrate WebXML/Weborder to Apache version 2.4.x (v. 2018)
    • Supports Apache version to 2.4.x due to possible security vulnerabilities with the 2.2 version
    • If you are currently using the XML API’s then you must upgrade to the Apache 2.4.x
  • Sales Tax Gateway to use TLS v1.2 Communication Protocol (v. 2018)
    • Sales Tax Gateway has been enhanced to force TLS1.2 communication protocol for all communication with Vertex O Series
  • Suppress display of the Password field on the Buyer tab (v. 2014)
    • A new control switch was added to allow you to suppress the display of the Password field on the General tab’s Buyer tab under Customer Information in System Manager in all related modules.
  • WMS setup.xml file changes for database password (v. 2014)
    • The WMS setup.xml files have been modified to retrieve the database password from the <Account>.ini.

Carrier Compliance

  • UPS Zone/Rate updates for 2020 (v. 2018, v. 2014.1.0.5, v. 2013.2.8)
    • Direct Commerce has been updated to support the 2018 UPS rate increase, effective December 29, 2019
  • USPS Updates (v. 2018)
    • Postage Statements generated are updated to comply with the 2018 versions
    • Supported USPS Postage Statements include: PS Form 3600-FCM, PS Form 3600-PM, and PS Form 3605-R
    • Postage Statements generated by Direct Commerce are updated to comply with the 2018 versions published by USPS, effective January 21, 2018. Supported USPS Postage Statements include: PS Form 3600-FCM, PS Form 3600-PM, and PS Form 3605-R.
  • UPS Zone/Rate updates for 2018
    • Direct Commerce has been updated to support the 2018 UPS rate increase, effective December 24, 2017. This includes updates to the UPS surcharge amounts and Delivery Area Surcharge zip codes. The required formula used to calculate dimensional weight of parcels shipped using the hardcoded UPS ship methods is also updated.
  • UPS DIM weight requirements (v. 2014)
    • Consider the dimensional (DIM) weight of all packages shipped by UPS Air and Ground and SurePost packages one pound or greater


  • Windows Server 2016 (v. 2018)
    • Version 2018 isn’t compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 or lower
  • SQL Server 2014 or 2017 (v. 2018)
    • Version 2018 isn’t compatible with SQL Server 2012 R2 or lower
  • Oracle 12c (v. 2018)
    • Version 2018 isn’t compatible with Oracle 11g (R2) or lower
  • Windows 10 with System Manager (v. 2018)
    • Version 2018 isn’t compatible with Window 8 or lower

Payment Processing

  • First Data
    • Multi shipment credit card settlement indicator (v. 2018)
      • Credit card batch settlements processing include Multiple Shipment Settlement Indicator Subsequent settlements against the original authorization and eliminate the need to
        re-authorize the credit card for future settlements and decrease transaction fees
    • First Data File Gateway (v. 2014)
      • Support transmission of batch files to and from First Data’s new File Gateway Platform
    • Visa Purchase Return Authorization (v. 2014)
      • support the Visa Purchase Return Authorization mandate which will enable credit/refunds to be visible real-time on cardholder communications as a pending transaction,
      • Provides better visibility into refund status
  • Chase Paymentech
    • Tokenization via the Stratus Platform (v. 2018)
      • Note: non-tokenized authorizations obtained from the Orbital Gateway can be settled using the Stratus platform, however, tokenized authorizations obtained from Orbital Gateway can NOT be settled using the Stratus platform.
  • Litle Gift Cards (v. 2014)
    • This enhancement enables you to use Litle gift cards if you use Litle & Co. (Litle) for payment processing
  • Alliance Data Private Label Credit Card (v. 2014)
    • Enables you to offer an application for and the use of Alliance Data private label credit cards for a customer, and process these cards like regular credit cards through the Direct Commerce Payment Gateway directly to Alliance Data.
  • Payment Gateway Updates (v. 2018)
    • Communication method has been updated to use TLS[Transport Layer Security] v1.2 protocol in response to the PA-DSS 3.0 standards
    • Affects the communication layer with Litle, First Data, and PayPal
  • Authorization Reversal Support for Warehouse Backorders (v. 2014)
    • Authorization reversal for full level warehouse backorders
    • Ensures that funds are released
    • Ensures that subsequent authorization request is not rejected


  • New Promotion Capability for % Discount Off Item (v. 2018)
    • Discount type that offers a percent discount to off the highest-priced item
  • Discount to item on the order that is not flagged as ‘Exclude from Discount’
    • Percent discount is applied to a single item at a single quantity
    • Single-item discount may be used in conjunction with all other promo discount types
    • Valid in System Manager Order Entry, Batch Order Entry (Tapemacs), and Direct Commerce Online (WebOrder)
    • Not supported using the VisualLink

System Performance

  • Customer Service Order Load Time (v. 2018)
    • Improvements were made to improve the response and load time of orders
  • CC Table Purge Utility improvements (v. 2014)
    • CC Table Purge Utility has been modified to run as a batch process and to require less time to purge the qualifying records

Sales Tax Gateway

  • Vertex 7.0
    • Compatible with the Vertex O Series 7 (Vertex O Series 7.0 Extended Support will begin August, 2020 and extend through August, 2021.)
  • Tax Holiday Support
    • Modified to pass the order’s mail date in both invoice and quote request for sales and returns, sent to Vertex
    • Vertex must be configured to determine which date is used for taxation

Customer Communication

  • New ship confirmation trick code (v. 2014)
    • A new trick code, C7, has been added for ship confirmation letters and emails
      • Print both shipment product level details for the current level
      • Print the status of other products on the order shipping to the same ship-to

Fraud Risk Analysis

  • Cybersource external fraud interface (v. 2014)
    • This enhancement provides an interface to Cybersource
    • Enables this vendor to perform fraud risk analysis on orders that will be entered through WEBORDER

Finance – Cost Tracking

  • Ability to track vendor cost changes (v. 2018)
    • Enable users to review manual updates to the vendor cost for an item
    • New button in the Vendor tab in the System Manager Content Maintenance
    • Content Maintenance populates an audit record to a new table when a user
      • Modifies the Cost, Freight, or Addl Cost values
      • Or any changes to the Vendor Futures for a vendor/item
    • Data is displayed in descending order by date
  • Capture Inventory Cost Variance (v. 2018)
    • Receive and store inventory at a default cost but capture a different cost when a product is sold as a How-Many-Of product
    • The How-Many-Of cost is used for the order’s financial transactions
    • The variance between the actual FIFO cost of the picked product and the How-Many-Of product cost is captured in a new financial transaction
    • The GL Extract, returns, and several Inventory and Product Sales Reports will include the Vendor Cost Variances

Finance – Account Receivable

  • Post Activity Go To Order option for credits (v. 2014)
    • When applying credits, the Go To Order softkey may be used to search for a specific debit associated with an order, a reference number, or a document number to apply the credit to
  • Credit write off maximum for Credit Write Off Processing (v. 2014)
    • New option to define a maximum dollar amount you can write off when you run the Credit Write Off Processing job to a whole dollar amount, from 0001 to 9999

Finance – GL Standard Extract

  • Ship-to country code added to GL extract
    • The ship-to country code can be included in the GL extract file (GLPOSTFL)


Content Maintenance user-defined fields (v. 2014)

  • additional fields have been added to specify product data that is not used by the application but that you may need for your own purposes
  • These entries are included in the Item Extract and Item Conversion
    • The first three fields enable you to select values from drop-down lists.
    • The fourth, fifth, and sixth fields enable you to enter up to 256 characters and have no restrictions.

Order Entry & Customer Service

  • Customer Service Order Load Time (v. 2018)
    • Improvements were made to improve the response and load time of orders
  • Account Comment Sorting (v. 2018)
    • Option to display account comments sorted in descending order by date
    • Allows the most recent comments with the most relevant information to be displayed first
  • Ship Method Dropdown Control (v. 2018)
    • Ability to suppress ship methods from view/selection in Order Entry, Customer Service, and Standing Order Maintenance
    • Prevents inactive or old ship methods from being selected
  • Display all order items on single screen in Customer Service (v. 2018)
    • Enables an agent to displays a list of all the items associated with an order on a single screen, regardless of the ship-to customer to which the item(s) are assigned
    • Allows an agent to easily review order details with a customer
  • Bypass HTC NDAYS logic for Expedite Orders (v. 2018)
    • New control that will it will process in-stock items for an expedited shipment and out-of-stock items will be placed on backorder

Web Orders

  • Duplicate Web Order Cross-Reference Check (v. 2018)
    • A new control switch will support restricted entry of online orders with duplicate order cross-reference values
    • The program will perform a duplicate check on the value processed in record 15 as an order cross-reference. If the cross-reference is already associated to an existing order, the order will be rejected.

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Restrict ship-to on POS hold orders (v. 2018)
    • Restricts the use of Ship from Store feature such that orders identified or flagged for Layaway, Special Order, or Hold orders
  • POS EMV chip-enabled card support (v. 2018)
    • Integrated with CardConnect’s Bolt P2PE solution to accept EMV chip-based credit cards
    • Data is captured by inserting the EMV chip-based credit card into the Ingenico device
  • Decrement Inventory for POS Orders from POS Primary Locations Only (v. 2018)
    • Provides increased accuracy for POS inventory as inventory is decremented from the store floor, or primary location only, rather than FIFO location for System Manager POS “Take from Store” and “Ship from Store” orders
  • Membership contract offers in Point of Sale (v. 2014)
    • Enables you to create special membership offers to provide special pricing for your membership customers
  • Add standing order by item to POS (v. 2014)
    • The standing order by item functionality has been added so subsequent shipments will be sent to the customer

Installment Billing & Continuity

  • Installment Billing and Continuity Installment Billing authorization options (v. 2014)
    • Designate specific credit card types to skip subsequent authorization and be submitted directly for billing.
    • Resubmit declined credit cards for reauthorization a user-defined number of times (from 01 to 99) and at a user-defined interval of days (from 01 to 99).
    • Send a letter a pre-define in Correspondence Management for declined authorizations
    • Installment Billing levels cancelled in Installment Credit Card Management or CC Installment Authorizations, can automatically set the status and action of the customer such as CB (Bad Customer).
    • The Credit Card Decline report will split Installment Billing orders to a separate spoolfile


SIG User Group 

SIG User Group Enhancements are new features submitted and voted on by the user group. Make sure you are participating in this annually. All clients should be signed up for the JDA support website to receive regular updates and notifications.

  • Verify you have an active account to receive business critical info
  • Announcement & Alerts
  • SIG Quarterly Update/Invite to Meetings
  • Payment processor mandates such as MIT/CIT changes
  • PA-DSS changes
  • UPS/USPS rate updates
  • End of life notifications
  • Other business critical information
  • Release Dates
  • Documentation and More!