Custom Products

Whether you are looking for a brand new site on a new platform or simply searching for enhancements to your existing website, we can help with flexible web commerce solutions; all integrated with the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce (Ecometry®) Suite.  Start from scratch or pick from our growing list of products with a proven ROI.

Vertex Cloud Integrator
Introducing the NEW Blue Yonder/Vertex Hosted Cloud Connector from Snapshot Design

Snapshot Design is proud to introduce a new, exclusive connector for Blue Yonder Direct Commerce (Ecometry®) and the Vertex Cloud solution. Our licensed connector enables you to integrate a cost-effective, end-to-end, Vertex Cloud tax solution with your Blue Yonder System. Benefits include accurate calculation and compliance data for North American indirect taxes, reduced time and effort to perform sales and use calculations, and scalability to meet businesses’ changing sales and use tax requirements.

Features of the Blue Yonder/Vertex Cloud Connector include:

  • Cloud-based, secure solution on an expandable network for extremely fast transfer of JDA/Vertex data
  • Connection with the Vertex Cloud Solution provides a fast implementation so that you quickly realize the benefits of the Vertex tax solution
  • No software modifications to your JDA Direct Commerce System outside of back-end configuration changes
  • Intercepts Direct Commerce Payment gateway’s message and inserts Trusted ID field
  • Reforms XML to match required Vertex cloud payload

CorrespondenceLink was developed by Snapshot Design to bridge the gap between JDA Direct Commerce (Ecometry®) and third party suppliers, such as Bronto, for customers wanting a robust system to deliver customizable customer letters, order confirmation, ship messages and more.

Amazon Product Feeds
Display your products on one of the most popular sites on the internet by integrating the Amazon Product Feed to your website.  This is a cost efficient way to increase your marketing efforts and overall sales.  This feature utilizes real-time listings of your products that include links for your customers to purchase items from Amazon using your affiliate code.  The Amazon Product Feed is a profitable product that will boost exposure and traffic for your brand.
Customer Address Book
Give your customers the ability to create their own address book on your website.  This function provides customers the flexibility to send their orders, even specific items within an order, to several locations more conveniently.  We use permanent and convenience ship-tos within Ecometry® to build a system that fully integrates into your site.  Customers can save multiple ship-tos in their address book and select them easily when logged into their account.  It also includes the option to ship line items to an individual address with unique shipping methods.
Customer Reviews Module
Empower your existing customer, assist new customer when making a buying decision, and add credibility to your website.  Our Customer Reviews Module allows your customers to submit reviews for all of your products.  We give you the power to review their submissions before posting them live on your site.  Reviews go into a “management bucket” where they can be reviewed and  then posted by your team.  Snapshot Design will customize your review module to best fit you and your customers’ needs.
HTML E-mailer
The Snapshot Design HTML E-mailer provides Ecometry® users the ability to send correspondence management emails in HTML format. With the HTML E-mailer, you can market to your customers in a more powerful way by sending them attractive and cleanly formatted emails. Include additional products in your order and shipping confirmations to encourage re-order.

Snapshot Design HTML E-mailer features:

  • Full compatibility with Ecometry® Customer Mailing Management
  • Send HTML Correspondence from Ecometry®, including standard customer correspondence letters and order and ship confirmations from Ecometry® Online Orders
  • HTML emailer
  • Auto-detect “smart” code to display proper version to specific e-mail readers; support HTML and text only versions
  • Deliver customized and personalized e-mails using Ecometry® “trick codes” ad personalizations
  • Insert customer’s demographics directly into e-mail for further personalization
  • Create custom campaigns based on products ordered
  • Increase speed — the HTML E-mailer is much faster than the standard Kickmail® product
  • Supports adjustable scan intervals, including fractional minute intervals
  • Includes a Send Now feature, which can run your tests immediately instead of waiting for the next scan interval
Microsite Generator
The Snapshot Design Microsite Generator was designed to give you the power to create Micro eCommerce Sites that are directly integrated with the Ecometry® system.  The goal of this tool is to allow you to market a product or products to your customers in a targeted fashion.  The Content Manager provides you with the flexibility to edit content areas on each of the individual pages of the site.  A one-page checkout keeps your customers focused and increases the chance of order completion.  The value of this product has proven to yield a high conversion rate and return on investment.

Our Client Example:

Purchase Order E-mailer
Designed to streamline the format and delivery of purchase orders to your vendors, the Snapshot Design Purchase Order E-mailer will minimize costly resources needed by your company to manually generate purchase orders from the Ecometry® system.

PO Emailer

The PO E-mailer converts the internal file from Ecometry® and e-mails an HTML version of the purchase order to your vendors. Vendors receive an easy-to-read e-mail message that has consistent formatting and is expandable within their e-mail content. E-mails can easily be printed by you or your vendor for internal purposes.

Snapshot Design PO E-mailer Features:

  • Streamline PO delivery to your vendors
  • Electronically gather copies of vendor purchase orders from your company’s HP system via spool file
  • Save time and e-mail your vendors their purchase orders at the touch of a button
  • Simple testing routine and preview allows you to see exactly how your purchase orders will look prior to actually sending them to your vendors
  • Receive a duplicate copy of each of your formatted vendor purchase letters sent for your records
  • Trouble-shooting report that provides detailed information if there is a problem with delivery of the file you are e-mailing
  • PO E-mailer includes all necessary software, works with most POP-mail servers, and uses existing PO files within your Ecometry® system
  • PO E-mailer provides a cleanly formatted HTML version of your purchase order that is easily expandable with your vendor’s email client
  • Purchase order details, such as SKU number, product description, quantity and more, are presented in a consistent and easy-to-read format. Your vendors will no longer have to spend time manually “re-aligning” inconsistent column breaks and wrapping data.
Marketing and Recommendation System (MARS)
The Snapshot Design Marketing and Recommendation System (MARS) programmatically tracks relationships between products that are placed in the shopping cart and purchased together.  These product relationships are leveraged to provide highly targeted cross-sell and up-sell promotions which increase order size and profitability.

Snapshot Design Marketing and Recommendation System (MARS) features:

  • Resides outside of HP3000 and utilizes external database
  • Technology is fully transportable to other shopping cart systems
  • Adjustable recommendation weighting including: Suggested product, Purchased product, Forced product associations, Product types
  • In-Depth reporting including: Overall product pairings, Most popular pairing, Suggested and purchased products, Non-purchased popular suggestions
Search Replacer Tool
Take control of your customer’s buying experience with the Snapshot Design Search Replacer.  This feature gives you the ability to take a search term entered into the search box on your website and redirect the user to the results that you specify.  The Search Replacer can be used for common product misspellings, to take customers to brand or category pages instead of search results, or for limiting massive amounts of search results when certain keywords are entered.
XML Product Feeds
Snapshot Design can create a custom XML Product Feed that integrates your products into heavily trafficked shopping sites such as Google Product Search, Shopzilla, and  The XML Product Feed extracts data from the Ecometry® system and lists products in real-time on the shopping sites.  Customers are redirected to the item detail page on your website when they click on your product.  From there, they can add items to their shopping cart and continue to checkout.  Adding this feature to your website will expand your internet marketing channels and brand awareness, providing your company the opportunity to grow its customer base.