Web Platforms

Blue Yonder Direct Commerce (Ecometry®) eCommerce Manager
Developed by Ecometry® web architects, theBlue Yonder Direct Commerce eCommerce Manager offers Direct Commerce customers a feature-rich web platform that is fully integrated with the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce Suite. Contact us now for a demo!
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  • Source code driven promotions; real-time with Ecometry®
  • Control homepage creative elements including hero banners, headers, featured product and date/time driven display
  • Create custom category pages/manage content and date/time driven display
  • Integrated recommendation engine for cross-sells/upsells with reporting; ability to control display of these cross-sells/upsells in the administration tool
  • Merchandise search results in the Commerce Manager or use SOLR search for indexing/relevancy
  • Create offer messaging based on thresholds/controls set by user
Customer Relationship Management
  • My Account section with optional customer service options
  • User can create and maintain static content pages right withing the administration tool
  • Customer Order History
  • Customer address book — pulled directly from customer’s account in Ecometry®
  • Customer Reviews — fully integrated and ready to deploy
Product Management
  • Utilize a hybrid of Ecometry® driven product information and web-exclusive information for each product
  • Build site categories and tie products to categories easily and seamlessly
  • Take advantage of flexible attribute-based system to designate sizing, colors, short and long descriptions, keywords, and anything else the user wishes to use for a product (or category)
  • Group products together comprised of products from any categories
Content/Site Management
  • Administer content pages directly in the management tool
  • Security Management offers control of users accessing the administration tool
  • Control ship method display on the site in the administration tool
Order Processing/Queuing/Replication
  • When both listeners (WEBORDER and WEBREQUEST) are available, the site will utilize listeners to provide real-time order processing and data
  • If listeners are down or system is unavailable, the site will utilize replicated data to allow customers to use the site and place orders. These order will be put into an order queue.
  • The order queue is available to customer service to review/release orders
  • Can use queue to control order flow into Ecometry® as required
Search Engine Optimization
  • Full URL rewrite module included in framework
  • Customized control of meta data
  • Site structure architected to be search-engine friendly
Snapshot Design offers a full integration utilizing the Shopify web platform. To get started with Shopify, click here to quickly sign-up.  Features of Shopify include:
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic
  • 1000+ Professionally Built Apps
  • 100+ Professional Themes
  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery
  • 70 Payment Gateways
  • Translate 50+ Languages
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Gift Cards
  • Full Blogging Platform
  • Mobile Commerce Ready
  • Unlimited Products
NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Snapshot Design is a NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Certified Agency Partner. Our NetSuite SuiteCommerce service offerings deliver exceptional omnichannel e-commerce solutions for your company. Focused on providing web-based solutions for both B2C and B2B clients, Snasphot Design sees a huge opportunity for clients to eliminate much of the operational complexity they presently face by employing NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced web solution. This feature-rich web platform is fully integrated within NetSuite’s unified business system, presenting the best possible scenario for clients looking to engage and address changes in customer behavior and strengthen customer engagement. Our team can leverage all components of the solution to deliver omnichannel commerce experiences that are nearly impossible with other systems.
Traditional Web Order (COM Objects)
Whether you are already using the COM (Component Object Models) Objects web platform or are interested in a build using them, consider us the experts! With years of experience and hundreds of sites built on the platform, we can take over the maintenance of your existing site or build a new site using the complete toolkit from Ecometry®.
  • Core set of transactions that allow for a quick site build and template creation
  • Integration directly with the Ecometry® database
  • Real time data including customer data, inventory, pricing and offers
  • Proven platform with support from Ecometry® web developers
Custom Site Build
Snapshot Design prides itself on seeing no task as too big or too small. Our experience abounds and our technology knowledge is unparalleled when compared to other companies our size. Some current methods we incorporate to help clients reach their goals include, but not limited to:
  • C#
  • .Net
  • Active Server Pages
  • HTML
  • COM Objects
  • Flash
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • SQL
ASP.NET Storefront
Snapshot Design offers a full integration utilizing the ASP.NET Storefront web platform. Features of ASP.NET Storefront include:
  • Single Store e-commerce software
  • Guided Navigation
  • Latest release of Smart One Page Checkout
  • Optimized mobile commerce experience
  • Upsell, related, also-bought and featured products
  • Many payment solutions built-in
  • Major shipping methods built-in
  • Sophisticated promotions engine, coupons, and gift cards
  • Customer-level pricing and personalization of shopping experience
  • Built upon the powerful Microsoft .net framework
  • Fully available tech support for one year for out-of-box software
  • Year-long Patch Program, delivering new features and fixes
  • All upgrades available free of charge, for one year
  • Feature forum, for submission of feature requests