JDA Direct Commerce eCommerce Manager Features

  • Advanced Search
    Search by category, keyword, item name, or any word in the product description. Built-in thesaurus helps with more successful matches.
  • Attribute Inheritance
    Products can inherit attributes from the categories they belong to.
  • Caching Framework
    Improve performance of the website dramatically by reducing the number of requests to the database. The caching framework is tightly integrated with the persistence framework.
  • Category/Product Attributes
    Define an unlimited number of attributes. Attributes could store textual information or could be an image or a downloadable file.
  • Consolidated Order Tracking
    View current and previous order information including order status and order shipment tracking regardless of whether the order was created via web, phone, mail, etc.
  • Consolidated Product Management
    New Products, product description changes, price changes, and discontinued products are applied once and immediately reflected on the web site, at the call center, and at all other channels.
  • Content Manager
    Static content is easily managed and even made searchable with a feature-rich manager.
  • Customer Discount
    Offer a special price for a certain customer. This supports special contract and wholesale pricing.
  • Customer Profile and Preferences
    Collect desired information from your customers to analyze customer preferences and demographics.
  • Customer Reviews
    Fully integrated on site with a reviews administration and control buckets.
  • Dynamic Page Templates
    Multiple Templates may be defined to change the look of any web page as offers change, customer information is updated, or based on seasons and promotions.
  • Email Notification
    Customers receive automated confirmation emails upon entering an order and when the order is shipped.
  • Faceted Navigation
    Customers can narrow down their search results by category, brand, or price range.
  • Gift Cards/Certificates
    Customers may purchase and redeem gift cards online.
  • Homepage/Category Administration
    Create several homepage templates and administer easily within the Commerce Manager administration tool. Rotate content at a time/date interval of your choosing.
  • Item Availability Tracking
    Customers can see how many units of a particular item is in stock. Products can even be removed once stock is depleted.
  • Meta Data
    Dynamic meta data standard and editable meta data for every page/product on the site.
  • Multiple Ship-to Addresses
    Customers can enter multiple ship-to addresses within the same order.
  • Multiple Websites
    Multiple websites can be driven off a single database with products unique to each site, or shared between multiple websites.
  • Newsletter Subscription
    Customers can subscribe to email newsletters online.
  • Online Product List
    Not all available products need to surface on the web site. Product Managers can control which products are listed online.
  • Order Comments
    Customers can comments related to order handling or shipping.
  • Order Queue
    Can be used to flow in orders as required; a plus for high volume times like during season or while a specific promotion is run.
  • Personalized Gift Messages
    Orders with multiple ship-to addresses may have a different gift message for each one.
  • Process Catalog Requests Online
    Allow customers to request a catalog online.
  • Product Up-sell/Cross-sell
    Recommend related products to your customers based on predefined associations.
  • Promotional Coupons
    Validate and process promotional coupons during check out.
  • Real-time Address Validation
    Verify that your customers entered a valid address (zip and state) during the checkout process. QAS integration is also available.
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
    Securely process credit card transactions with an authorization during checkout and a charge once the item is shipped.
  • Reinforced Uptime
    The website will continue to accept orders regardless of whether connectivity issues exist with the Ecometry system. Orders are queued until connectivity is restored. Great for high traffic websites.
  • Replicated Database
    Host your websites internally or choose a hosting provider that suits your needs. Real-time replication process is set up for complete redundancy if Ecometry downtime occurs.
  • Reports
    Multiple reports are available to analyze your customers and what they are buying.
  • Scalable
    Dynamic product listings on the website allows the site to grow as your product offering grows.
  • Shopping Cart Saved
    Customers can view a shopping cart they started during their last visit.
  • URL Rewrite Module
    Make your URLs search engine friendly.
  • User-friendly Navigation
    Intuitive navigation to help customers find products right away. Multi-level product navigation can be configured based on keywords or assembled master categories.
  • Volume Discounts
    Offer price savings to your customers when they purchase multiples of a particular product, regardless of style, color, etc. Support for group codes and multi-pricing across line items is provided out-of-the-box.
  • Web Farm Support
    Scale the website across multiple web servers.
  • Wish List
    Customers can create a wish list of items they most like, and others can shop from this list.
  • XML Product Feeds
    Can use for shopping engines/Google Site Map.