JDA Direct Commerce Services

Snapshot Design offers consulting services to ensure that you are able to successfully deploy the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce (Ecometry®) package across your various touch points and integrate the system with third party applications.  The Snapshot Design Professional Services, Application Support, and Development Teams work in concert to ensure a smooth transition to the Blue Yonder solution and a positive customer experience.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the Blue Yonder community.  Partnering with not only the client, but also with Blue Yonder itself, our mission is to maximize our customer’s investments by delivering results-driven services.

Snapshot Design partners with Blue Yonder to provide the best in professional services for the core Direct Commerce product!

Snapshot Design offers the following services:

  • Business Process Analysis / Gap Analysis
    Review and document existing business procedures and requirements. Identify potential gaps and recommend potential business solutions. Assist with problem resolution.
  • Direct Commerce Database and Analyzer Training
    Review the core database tables used by the Direct Commerce application and the relationships between the tables. Ideal for those responsible for analyzing data or writing custom reports. Previous SQL writing experience a plus.
  • Direct Commerce Implementation
    Assist with the installation, configuration, training and deployment of a new Direct Commerce software system.
  • Direct Commerce Migrations
    Provide assistance with migration planning and execution from the HP3000 to Open Systems including:
    • Identify surround code and custom business processes
    • Review Open Systems hardware requirements
    • Hardware configuration
    • Install Direct Commerce
    • Configure third party interfaces
    • Test plan development and execution
    • Migration testing
    • End-user ESM training
    • Accounting training
    • Shipper certification
    • Payment Gateway Certification and credit card encryption
    • Onsite migration support
    • Post migration support and stabilization
  • Direct Commerce Month-End Training & Assistance
    Train users how to complete the Direct Commerce recommended month-end process and balancing procedures. This session includes the timing of the month-end process in relation to other processes, Direct Commerce month-end reports and balancing the Direct Commerce GL accounts. In addition, SD can complete the Direct Commerce month-end process and balancing for your company.
  • Direct Commerce Support — End-User Support
    We will be your first line of support for end-user.
    • Assist with the research of Direct Commerce issues
    • Assist with end-user questions
    • Complete Direct Commerce period-end procedures
    • Training users on new features and modules
  • Direct Commerce Support — Server Maintenance
    Provide Direct Commerce system administration and general system support including:
    • Review daily production jobs successfully completed including Daily Key and Dayclose
    • Ensure daily backups are created and archived
    • Verify listeners are real-time jobs are running
    • Apply Windows updates
    • Assist with the planning and executing defragmentation
    • Setup new printers in Direct Commerce
  • Direct Commerce System Administration Training
    Review the Direct Commerce directory structure, listeners, recommended daily/weekly/monthly procedures, License Monitor program and basic troubleshooting.
  • Direct Commerce Upgrades
    Provide assistance with applying Direct Commerce Service Packs (aka Ecompaks) to both test and production environments including:
    • Review hardware requirements
    • Hardware configuration
    • Apply service packs
    • Complete Revup and database updates
    • Encrypt credit card data
    • Configure batch order entry
    • Configure third party interface
    • Test plan development and execution
    • Onsite upgrade support
    • Post deployment support and stabilization
  • Documentation
    Our team will work with your staff to develop and document standard operation procedures (SOP’s).
  • End-User Application Training
    Direct Commerce basic or advanced end-user training is available in all areas. Training can be customized to meet your business needs. Below is a sample list of common topics covered during training.
    Customer & Order Management
    Phone order entry; mail order entry; customer service; ship-to’s; comments, customization; price overrides; hold buckets; User Defined Holds; fraud setup and maintenance; Chargeback Maintenance; Correspondence Management (emails & letters); reporting.
    Direct Commerce Accounting Training
    Financial Transactions; Month-End Procedures; Month-End Balancing; Refund Check Management; Invoice Approval; Clear Ticket; Cost Adjustments; Costing.
    Marketing Training
    Offers, Uses, Offer products, multi-pricing; pricing & discounting options; Suggestive Selling; Affiliate Marketing, Promotional Insert Program; memberships; Loyalty/Points program; Action Chains.
    Merchandising Training
    Item setup and attributes; item types; category codes; styles; upsells; customization; kits.
    Production Management
    User security; NCOA assistance; ACS assistance, Duplication Name Processing assistance, Batch Order Entry, Order Processing.
    Purchasing Training
    Vendor setup; entering and modifying purchase orders; drop ships; auto purchase orders; purchasing reports.
    Warehouse & Inventory Management
    Receiving; stock movements; stock adjustments; reporting; auto-moves; order processing.
  • Payment Gateway Certification
    Complete Payment Gateway setup, configuration and testing including tokenization.
  • Project Management
    Manage and lead Direct Commerce projects including upgrades, migrations and new features.
  • System Health Review
    A detailed review of your system configuration and sizing of the production environment will be performed. We will review how the application is used and how the environment is maintained. We will look at the integrated 3rd and its effects on the Escalate environment. We will also look at how update and maintenance processes impact the system environment. Review overall Direct Commerce system performance including:
    • Review the Direct Commerce database status and identify areas of improvement
    • Review the Direct Commerce application server setup and configuration for optimal performance
    • Review printer setup and configuration
    • Document existing configuration and recommendations for improvement
  • System Testing (Upgrades, Migrations, New Features)
    Lead user acceptance testing and reviews, validate test scenarios and coordinate end-user testing related to upgrades, migrations and implementation of new features.
  • Test Plan Development
    Our team will assist with designing and writing test plans.
  • Vertex Integration Support for Cloud and O Series
    Assist with the installation, configuration and testing of Vertex software.