Design Services

Even if you have a properly engineered and functionally sound website, good design is paramount to communicate your image intent, reinforce your brand, give attention to key products, and simply assist customers while navigating through your site.  Good design does not begin and end with the look of your homepage but is a mix of the creative, technical, and basic functional requirements that make a website the best it can be, and we can help you get there.

We have extensive experience providing design solutions for every phase of your website development.  We will take an existing design and give it a fresh look, or work from the ground up with your creative and technical team to integrate it into an entire new site build.

Client Examples:

Price Point
Snapshot Design worked with the team at Price Point to create a solid web template for their fast-paced, growing business. Founded by cyclists, Price Point’s core values are to provide the best prices and unmatched selection to the cycling community, and they needed a new website to properly translate this value proposition. Snapshot Design provided all of the design services from creative brief to wireframes to final creative.

Snapshot Design also partnered with Price Point to create a responsive web design template for their site. Responsive Web Design (RWD) focuses on web template designs crafted to offer users of the site the optimal viewing experience across multiple browsers and devices. The use of a responsive template allowed Snapshot Design to build applications for desktop and smartphones while still maintaining a single code base, without the need to align to any one phone manufacturer. The responsive template is especially search engine friendly as there not separate code bases for the mobile and base sites. The use of a responsive template provided significant cost savings to Price Point as all features and functionality of the core site will be automatically and seamlessly available for all users regardless of device. A responsive template also provided Price Point the flexibility to support additional resolutions as monitors and device resolutions change.

Shar Music
For Shar Music, a retailer of bowed string instruments and all of accompanying products, redesigning their site was a necessity in order to sustain their already strong place at the top of the market. Snapshot Design worked closely with the Shar Music team to refine their brand position and refresh the look of their site. The result is a beautiful, yet full functional, site with a scheduled launch date in late July of 2014.