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Most Recent Update

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BigCommerce Connector

  • Order Pusher
    • Corrected formatting of currency to be two decimal places
    • Improved process of passing orders totals when creating/updating orders
  • Product Pusher
    • Updated logic to use "ShowOnWebsite" to set the IsVisible flag inside of BigCommerce

Listrak Connector

  • Order Pushers
    • Bypass translating Shipping Recipient data if it is not populated in the payload

NetSuite Connector

  • Order Puller
    • Added Setting to filter orders by status
  • Transaction Puller
    • Added Setting to filter orders by status
    • Added Setting to pull transactions by created date vs. updated date

SynchUP Core

  • Core
    • Updated core logic to operate asynchronously, to improve logging
    • Improved performance on Job History & History Details pages

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