About Snapshot Design

Snapshot Design was founded in March of 2001 by managing partners who previously owned and ran a direct marketing company. With a deep understanding of the direct marketing world and years behind them using the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce system, the ownership found that there was a true need for a talented application developer in the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce community.

With two decades of collective expertise utilizing all aspects of the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce system, Snapshot Design is focused on helping clients harness the built-in solutions of the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce system and interfacing with other 3rd party solutions.  Snapshot’s partnership with Blue Yonder allows for seamless integration of new functionality and availability of future patches/upgrades.

Snapshot Design has successfully partnered with a large number of clients in the Blue Yonder Direct Commerce community.  These client sites produce order volumes from a few hundred orders per day to tens of thousands of orders per day.

The Snapshot Design Blue Yonder Direct Commerce support staff is the best in the business and focuses on a software development offering that will meet the needs of growing companies who utilize the system to run their businesses each and every day – from installing and upgrading the core software, building integration points, web site design and integration, performing system health reviews, general support, training and consulting, and business process review/gap analysis.

Snapshot Design partners with Blue Yonder – Providing the best in application development for the core Direct Commerce product!