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Snapshot Case Study
American Science & Surplus


See firsthand how we assisted American Science & Surplus with their BigCommerce site.


American Science & Surplus Background

Founded in 1937 by Al Leubbers, American Science & Surplus started in Chicago, IL, when he procured a haul of substandard lenses from an optics company and offered them for sale. Even now, they still offer a singular variety of industrial, military, and educational items, primarily in the science and education sector. Hobbyists, tinkerers, artists, experimenters, home educators, DIY-ers, and bargain seekers can find all sorts of unusual and hard to find items here. With three locations, customers can either visit one of the brick and mortar stores or shop online.

BigCommerce Site Migration

SynchUP in action

American Science & Surplus specifically wanted  some crucial features, such as retail store inventory and customized product groupings, which they wished to incorporate on their website's front and back end. We seamlessly integrated their Blue Yonder, Direct Commerce ERP and site platform using SynchUP to create a smooth data flow and successfully accomplish their objective.

connector image showing what data is being pulled/pushed

Project Outline

American Science & Surplus had a dated custom built eCommerce website that was not tailored to the modern online shopping experience. The website was not fully responsive and payment options were somewhat limited. Moreover, it was in need of a face lift, and the marketing/catalog staff were unable to send out offers or update the catalog with ease. After exploring platforms, BigCommerce was selected as the most appropriate for their next-generation eCommerce website. In addition to the site transfer to BigCommerce, Snapshot added a data integration layer between American Science & Surplus's  back-end Blue Yonder Direct Commerce ERP & BigCommerce, with the use of SynchUP by Snapshot. 

Image of wood burning tools and products

Project Goals

The main goal in which Snapshot assisted with was the site migration from their custom built site to Bigcommerce, and also establishing a data integration layer between BigCommerce & American Science & Surplus's Blue Yonder Direct Commerce (Ecometry) ERP and order management system using SynchUP. This provided American Science & Surplus with a newer, more up-to-date website with improved control, while allowing for seamless communication between the web front-end and back-end system. Some targeted pain points to be addressed were:

  • Revamp the website to be in line with the client's identity while adopting a contemporary style
  • Ensure the site is accessible on all devices, plus send more deals and incentives to customers
  • Resolve issues with the PayPal interface and provide clients with additional payment options
  • Simplify catalog editing for improved efficiency
  • Integrate more sophisticated analytics
  • Upgrade the checkout system, such as adding PO Fields and enabling quicker cart-adding
Image of character from American Science & Surplus

Snapshot Professional Services

  • Site Migration from Custom site to BigCommerce
  • Theme Customizations
  • Data Integration with SynchUP
  • Quality Assurance & System Testing
  • Project Management for Implementation & Site Launch
  • Training & User Documentation for the American Science & Surplus team
  • Launch Support
Image of robot from American Science & Surplus

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