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SynchUP by Snapshot April updates


We are constantly improving on our connectors. Here's what we did in April 2023.


SynchUP Core

  • When selecting a date range in the "Run Now" nodal the dates selected would append the current seconds on the clock.  The functionality now set the Min Date seconds to be "00" and the Max Date seconds to be "59"
  • Added functionality to the Translation Engine to allow the default mapping rule to contain empty
  • Updated translation engine functionality to properly copy over null values from source to
    destination systems
    • Several additional enhancements have been made to job history architecture to further increase
    • Updated Page Title and Favicon for SynchUP rebranding

M1 API Connector

  • Customer Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where if Country were null a serialization error would occur

NetSuite Connector

  • Added some more friendly validation logic to the "Image Domain" setting used in several pullers and pushes. The validation now properly appends http or https, validates that the url used in a valid NetSuite SuiteCommerce site and the setting is no longer required for clients who do not have a
    SuiteCommerce site
  • Customer Puller
    • Resolved an issue where when pulling large amounts of customers an id collision could occur causing the job to fail
    • Added functionality to pull the parent Company Id if it exists on the NetSuite customer record
  • Company Puller
    • Added new settings that allow the mapping of a NetSuite child Contact to the Admin and User fields on a Company MCO. The setting allows you to specify a custom field and value. If that value is present on a child Contact, then that Contact will be mapped to the Admin or User MCO field
    • Added a setting that allows the puller to specify what custom field in NetSuite should map to externalId on the Company MCO

BigCommerce Connector

  • Renamed "BundleB2B" to the newly rebranded "B2B Edition" wherever applicable
  • Product Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where when a job contains a large amount of products the job could fail
  • Invoice Pusher
    • Updated the logic of where to acquire customerId when externalId on the MCO is not present
  • Company Pusher
    • Added a new setting to specify what field in BigC the externalId of the Company should be saved
  • Pricing Level Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where if min quantity was higher than max quantity an error was thrown back from BigC. This also occurred if MinQuantity was not specified
  • Customer Puller
    • Resolved an issue where not all translation rules were updated for newly added fields on the Customer MCO

Listrak Connector

  • Customer Subscription Pusher
    • The Listrak Customer Subscription pusher checks to see if an email exists in Listrak to know whether it should update the subscription. If it does not exist Listrak gives a 404 Restful response. Previously this 404 was being logged as an error. It is now being logged as informational


SynchUP Core

  • Updated Next Run Time to display as "HH:MM AM/PM TZ" for clarity
  • Ran issue where Run Duration is missing from the Job Detail Header when manually running a job
  • Improved overall performance regarding SynchUP workers saving history. History Runs are now immediately written and are viewable in the UI. Added states for Runs of “Queued” and “Processing”. Records are written as they are processed in real-time so you can see the progress of the Run as it's happening.
    • Architectural changes for saving history have been made to allow easier future backend performance changes without affecting backwards compatibility
  • Fixed a UI issue where the History tab would go invisible when hovering a mouse cursor over it
  • Jobs on the Dashboard are now sorted alphabetically
  • Resolved a display issue where Runs that resulted in a critical error would display "Unsupported Worker" as the Date Range. This now displays the correct Date Range instead. Previous Runs will not be retroactively updated and will continue to display “Unsupported Worker” for the Date Range
  • Updated performance of Worker queue service to start the job closer to the top of the minute that the new Run is scheduled to start. Previously it could start at any point during the minute scheduled to start
  • Improved the UX of a user attempting to log in to a subdomain they do not have access to. The website will now redirect them to reauthenticate. If they still do not have access, it will redirect the user to the account management portal so they can select a subdomain they have access to

M1 Api Connector

  • Order Puller
    • Resolved an issue where a null reference exception could occur when pulling Orders under
      certain circumstances

NetSuite Connector

  • All Pullers/Pushers
    • Added support for External Id Custom Field settings to use any NetSuite custom field type.
      Previously it was restricted to only allowing String custom field types.

BigCommerce Connector

  • All Pullers/Pushers
    • Added a fault tolerance for all API calls when receiving 503 errors back from the BigCommerce API. SynchUP will now wait 1 second after a 503 error and attempt the request again. If after several attempts the API continues to give a 503 error, it will log it
      and move on
  •  Customer Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where the "Suppress Customer by Email Lookup" setting wasn't being
    • Updated the BigCommerce Customer Pusher to support the updating of addresses that
      total greater than 10