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SynchUP by Snapshot August updates


We are constantly improving on our connectors. Here's what we did in August 2023.


SynchUP Core

  • Added a new filtering feature for the History tab. A new filter section can be toggled by clicking the filter icon in the upper left corner of the History table. Each column of the History table can now be filtered based on a selection of the user's choice. The filters will remain sticky even while navigating to different history records. A "clear filters" button is present to quickly remove all filters and display all history records. 

BigCommerce Connector

  • Customer Puller
    • Enhanced the Customer Puller to pull all addresses. Previously, we were only pulling 50 addresses.

SynchUP API Connector

  • Core
    • When internal dependencies, such as Direct commerce listeners, are unavailable, SynchUP will now classify that as a "Critical" error for the run. Previously, it was classified as a "Failed" error for all records of the run. 

NetSuite Connector

  • Transaction Puller
    • Resolved an issue where Item Fulfillment records pulled out of NetSuite displayed $0 item prices on the Payload.

Deacom Connector

  • Order Puller
    • Two new settings have been added surrounding external ids for bill tos and ship tos. If set, the puller will now check the specified user fields in Deacom for the data and if present, will populate the value of that user field on the respective external id on the MCO. 


SynchUP Core

  • Updated order of operations when finalizing a job. Previously we updated the Job status to pending after Payload data was saved. In instances of large amounts of Payload data this could delay the next job run by several minutes. We now update the Job status to Pending prior to saving Payload data. This allows the next Run to begin regardless of how long it takes to save Payload data.

Listrak Connector

  • Customer Subscription Pusher
    • Updated the logic for the attribute "SubscriptionStatusOverride". If this attribute is set to "subscribed" or "unsubscribed" we will now look for the email under ContactInfo. Previously we were looking under Subscriptions for email 
      • Note: Default functionality when not using the attribute "SubscriptionStatusOverride" is left unchanged and will continue to look at subscriptions for email.

BigCommerce Connector

  • Order Pusher
    • Updated incorrect pricing in certain circumstances

NetSuite Connector

  • Multiple Pullers
    • Resolved an issue where WebData wasn't getting pulled for all product types 
    • For matrix products in NetSuite, updated the normalization to the MCI to only include the child Item Number. For Example: "123 : 123 ABC : 123 ABC XYZ" is now normalized as "123 ABC ZYX"