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Snapshot Case Study
Enstrom Candies

See firsthand how we assisted Enstrom Candies with their BigCommerce site. 


Enstrom Candies Background

Enstrom Candies has been in the candy gifting industry for over 60 years. They are a family run business that pride themselves in creating handcrafted toffee and confections made from the finest and freshest ingredients. Enstrom exceeds customer expectations by delivering not only the most delicious toffee, but high quality service and unforgettable experiences.  The founder, Chet Enstrom, started the Enstrom brand in the ice cream industry in 1929. During WWII he created his famous almond toffee recipe and took great pleasure in distributing his confections to the men in service as an act of kindness. Soon after the orders came flooding in and the rest is history. After being passed down a couple generations, Enstrom Candies is now owned and run by Jamee & Doug Simons along with their sons Doug Jr. and Jim who continue the tradition of building the business on the same principles that made it a success years ago. Visit the Enstrom Candies site to learn more about their rich history.

BigCommerce Site Migration

Project Outline

Enstrom Candies, a long-standing customer of Snapshot, wanted to migrate to a best-of-breed eCommerce platform that could scale as their business grows. Due to the nature of their products, they are very seasonal, with a large percentage of their yearly online revenue coming from the holiday months.  Enstrom had a custom site that was connected to their ERP and heavily dependent on the performance of the ERP's api. Their biggest goal with their site migration was to move to a disconnected eCommerce platform that could accommodate their unique business requirements for multiple shipping addresses and handle the volume of their peak shopping weeks during the holiday season.  Enstrom chose BigCommerce, over many other top web platforms. They also chose Snapshot's iPaas data integration platform, SynchUP, to handle the the integration between BigCommerce and their ERP, Deacom. There was a level of customizations needed for this project including enhanced multiple shipping address functionality on the product detail page, shopping cart, checkout and order history, easy reorder options, gift messaging, along many others. 

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Project Goals

Once the eCommerce platform was chosen, Snapshot conducted in depth discovery sessions with the whole Enstrom team to make sure we had a deep understanding of Enstrom's short term and long term goals. The key factor to accomplishing this important project was providing a wholistic approach factoring in all the elements from data integration to the ERP to 3rd party integrations to front-end design and direction. Some of the project goals included (but not limited to):

  • Launch a website using best-of-breed platform with new features being added at a regular cadence
  • Leverage out of the box solutions and apps as much as possible
  • Utilize a user interface that would provide easier to manager item & merchandising workflows
  • Work to create a self-service web ecosystem in future phases
  • Utilize a user interface that would provide easier to manage item & merchandising workflows
  • Add recipient information/accessing address book from the product detail page
  • Add multiple shipping address management in shopping cart
  • Enhance the gift messaging with options for enclosure card in shopping cart with the ability to apply to all consignments
  • Utilize SynchUP's BigCommerce to Deacom Integration that passes order, customer, product, inventory, and pricing level data between systems
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Snapshot Professional Services

  • Web Platform Selection & Discovery
  • Site Migration from custom site to BigCommerce
  • Creative Design
  • Site Implementation with Custom Functionality
  • Data Integration (SynchUP)
  • Theme Customizations
  • Quality Assurance & System Testing
  • Project Management for Migrations & Site Launch
  • Training & User Documentation for the Enstrom Team
  • Launch Support
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