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SynchUP by Snapshot

July updates


We are constantly improving on our connectors. Here's what we did in July 2023.


SynchUP Core

  • Security & Performance Updates
    • Updated frameworks and dependencies to the front-end of SynchUP. This is to improve security and the user experience.
    • Updated frameworks and technology surrounding the way payload data is saved and retrieved. Performance has been improved for both the end user and processes within SynchUP. Additionally, the new technologies used opens the door for additional future features that weren’t possible prior.
  • Further improved the reliability of the worker when encountering unexpected critical errors.

BigCommerce Connector

  • Product Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where Products would not be created if ParentProductId was null on Payloads
  • Customer Puller
    • Added support to pull more than 50 addresses on a customer record


SynchUP API Connector

  • Order Pusher
    • Updated the status type for the record from “Failed” to “Warning” if an order already exists within M1 Api
    • Added support for additional non-standard state code abbreviations

Listrak Connector

  • Product Pusher
    • Added additional logging displayed to the user about how the data is
      transformed or modified in some way prior to sending the data to Listrak