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SynchUP by Snapshot November updates


We are constantly improving on our connectors. Here's what we did in November 2022.


SynchUP Core

  • Updated the History Summary data table to support item counts per page of 10/25/50/100 temporarily deactivating the Display Count column and supporting Hide Zero Details button for performance reasons

BigCommerce Connector

  • Pricing Level Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where external ID was incorrectly being saved
  • Customer Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where external ID was incorrectly being saved
  • Product Pusher
    • Added the ability to write custom fields. New settings allow for the mapping of the MSO via SynchUP linq syntax to dynamically populate BigCommerce custom fields
    • Updated the writing of meta fields to have read and write permissions. Previously only had write permissions
  • Customer Puller 
    • Resolved an issue where Title, Address 3, Address Type and other attributes were missing

Deacom Connector

  • Order Pusher
    • Improved logging and the handling of master orders

SynchUP API Connector

  • Resolved an issue with all pullers where the connector was processing the incorrect minimum API Level Puller
    • Added a new pricing Level Puller for SynchUP API
  • Order Pusher
    • Updated the Order Pusher to have the Company, Division, and Source Code setting as optional. The settings now function as the "default" values passed to SynchUP API. The Pusher will now first check to see if there are attributes on the MCO. If there are not, it will fail and not be passed to SynchUP API
  • Product Puller
    • Resolving an issue where the first variation on the MCO was not necessarily the header style product