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Data Integration Case Study PowerPlay Retail and Twinkly

Transforming Retail Excellence: Seamlessly Uniting Shopify and NetSuite for Twinkly's Success.




PowerPlay Retail, renowned for its expertise in omnichannel retail solutions, partnered with Snapshot, a leading data integration provider, to facilitate seamless integration between Shopify and NetSuite for their client, Twinkly. Twinkly, a brand under the Italian tech company Ledworks, sought to optimize its operations and enhance customer experiences through streamlined data synchronization. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Snapshot collaborated with PowerPlay Retail to deliver robust integration solutions tailored to Twinkly's needs.

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Client Background

Twinkly, a pioneer in smart lighting technology, quickly established itself as a global leader in the industry. Led by innovation, Twinkly revolutionized traditional holiday decorations by introducing patented, award-winning products that catered to the increasingly connected world. Their success in seasonal lighting spurred them to expand into home lighting solutions, further solidifying their position as a market leader.


Project Outline

Snapshot, in collaboration with PowerPlay Retail, undertook the task of integrating data between Shopify and NetSuite to facilitate seamless order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment operations for Twinkly. The project aimed to leverage existing vendor integrations while introducing new solutions, such as Celigo, to enhance inventory synchronization.

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Integration Details

  1. Orders Sync (Shopify <> NetSuite):

    • Shopify to NetSuite: Snapshot developed custom scripts to initiate order creation in NetSuite upon placement in Shopify. These scripts included filters to ensure that only valid orders containing relevant SKUs and addresses were processed, aligning with PowerPlay Retail's distribution regions.

    • NetSuite to Shopify: Custom scripts facilitated the synchronization of order statuses between NetSuite and Shopify, enabling real-time updates and accurate order tracking for Twinkly customers.

  2. Fulfillments Sync (NetSuite > Shopify):

    • Snapshot implemented custom scripts to update Shopify records with order fulfillment information sourced from NetSuite. This integration ensured seamless communication between Twinkly's ShipEdge fulfillment software and Shopify, enhancing order visibility and customer satisfaction.

  3. Inventory Sync (NetSuite > Shopify):

    • Utilizing Celigo, Snapshot established inventory synchronization between NetSuite and Shopify. Upon order placement in NetSuite, inventory records were updated, and availability messaging on Shopify was adjusted accordingly, ensuring accurate stock information for customers.


Implementation Process:

Snapshot meticulously executed the integration project in collaboration with PowerPlay Retail, adhering to a structured implementation process:

  • Requirement Analysis: Thoroughly understanding Twinkly's business requirements and integration objectives.

  • Solution Design: Designing custom scripts and integration workflows to meet Twinkly's specific needs.

  • Development & Testing: Developing, testing, and refining integration solutions to ensure reliability and accuracy.

  • Deployment & Support: Deploying the integration solutions in Twinkly's production environment and providing ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.

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Outcomes and Benefits

The successful implementation of data integration between Shopify and NetSuite yielded significant benefits for Twinkly:

  • Streamlined Operations: Automated order processing, fulfillment, and inventory management streamlined Twinkly's operations, reducing manual effort and errors.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Real-time updates on order status and inventory availability improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Scalability: The scalable integration architecture accommodated Twinkly's growth trajectory, supporting increased sales volumes and expanding product offerings.

  • Data Accuracy: Synchronized data across platforms ensured data accuracy and consistency, enabling informed decision-making for Twinkly.


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