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SynchUP by Snapshot September updates


We are constantly improving on our connectors. Here's what we did in September 2023.


SynchUP Core

  • A new Mapping tab has been added to the Details page of a Job. This Mapping tab contains the schema that drives the SynchUP Translation Engine. Modifications to this schema may be made to change the mappings of the Job as well as adding or modifying any Logic-based Translation Rules
  • Resolved an issue on the History table of a Job where all Records shows that they were triggered as "Automatic" even when they weren't. The correct value is now displayed
  • Resolved a styling issue with the datetime drop down on the Run Now modal
  • Added additional error handling on the backend when saving history records. This will improve resiliency when jobs finalize

Listrak Connector

  • Customer Pusher
    • Resolved an issue where emails were not found in Listrak even though they sis exist. The issue was mismatched casing. Set the pusher to ignore casing when looking up emails in Listrak

NetSuite Connector

  • Transaction Puller
    • Resolved an issue where the "Transaction to Include" setting wasn't respected in some circumstances
    • Resolved an issue where some Records would get an "Object reference" error