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Snapshot Case Study

Signal Group // Solid Signal


See firsthand how we assisted Signal Group with their Solid Signal NetSuite SuiteCommerce site migration.


Solid Signal Background

Signal Group, LLC, is the parent company of 5 different brands that each specialize in various electronic products for home and commercial use and satellite TV solutions.  Their brands include Solid Signal, Signal Connect, Signal Marine, Signal Distribution, Xtreme Signal. Snapshot assisted with their Solid Signal site which was originally on a custom built site platform.

SuiteCommerce Site Migration

Project Outline

Snapshot Design worked with Signal Group to migrate their existing website from their custom web solution to a new site running on the NetSuite SuiteCommerce web platform.  Signal Group was in the process of migrating to Oracle NetSuite from a custom-built ERP system and wanted to have a new website running on SuiteCommerce live shortly after. By migrating to the Oracle NetSuite ERP software and SuiteCommerce web platform, Signal Group now has the ability to add new functionality that wasn't available with their previous technology stack. 

Case Study Solid Signal  2

Project Goals

The primary goal of the Solid Signal website migration was to have an updated, refreshed site up and running on the NetSuite SuiteCommerce web platform that includes all of the same functionality as the previous site.  Additionally, other goals that were defined include: 
  • A site design and structure that looks intentionally put together
  • An easy-to-navigate site that allows for customers to understand the full product offering available from Solid Signal
  • A good mobile site experience for customers
  • Callouts to customer service options available such as live chat and technical help from knowledgeable representatives, which are what really make Solid Signal stand out from their competitors 
  • An easy-to-use platform where Solid Signal employees can quickly add or edit website content as products and promotions change
Additionally, standard website metrics around site speed, SEO optimization, and revenue generation were important for the new site to ensure that it is on par, at a minimum, or improved as the previous site.
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Snapshot Professional Services

  • Site Migration to NetSuite SuiteCommerce
  • Creative Design for Custom SuiteCommerce Theme
  • Theme Customizations
  • Quality Assurance & System Testing
  • Project Management for Implementation & Site Launch
  • Training & User Documentation for the Solid Signal Team
  • Launch Support
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