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Think outside the box?

So do we...

Our clients are as diverse as our products and services.....from pet supplies to nuts and snacks; from violins to china. We partner with our clients to build and market sites that work well, look fabulous and of course expand markets and spawn increased revenue.

We harness the built in features of JDA Direct Commerce Suite (Ecometry) and offer customized solutions, applications, products and services to the growing JDA market.

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A Snapshot of Our Work

Price Point
DR Power
Enstrom Candies
Botanic Choice
JDA Alliance Partnership

Snapshot Design offers fully integrated Ecometry sites specifically for direct marketers. Our current sites reliably take tens of thousands of orders on a daily basis through our combined customer base. Ask us about a new build using the JDA's Direct Commerce EEM (Ecometry E-commerce Manager) Suite!

As former owners of a successful direct marketing company, and users of the Escalate/Ecometry system, we are aware of the challenges of adapting technology to fit your customer's needs and buying techniques.

With decades of combined Escalate/Ecometry Online experience we have the ability to perform any size task including small web applications to full eCommerce redesigns.

Client Testimonials:

"We have been using Snapshot Design for our Web Development team for 4 years with great success. They have been very responsive with new requests and any issues that arise, completing in a timely manner. Especially those “got to have yesterday” requests. Their team has worked well in working with original .Net framework which our current site is built upon and the challenges it presents. We are in current development with them on a complete redesign with the .Net 2.0 Framework and exciting about the new site to go live in April 2009. I would definitely recommend Snapshot for your Web Design needs."
Daniel Lively, Enstrom Candies

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